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Thesis Proposal Help

A thesis proposal is the first step towards creating a thesis or research report. Just like a business proposal, a thesis proposal is a blueprint of the intentions of the researcher. Through this document, the researcher proves to the college committee that his intentions of taking up and completing the thesis are true. offers support for-

  • Proposal planning
  • Proposal writing
  • Proposal presentation

The expert team suggests resources that you can access while preparing a thesis proposal. The structure of the proposal must consist of an introduction, literature review, methodology and the conclusion. We help you in understanding the importance of all these chapters and writing them in a cohesive manner.

Moreover, the mentors at will guide you to plan the schedule for completion of the research project, as this timeline is a vital part of the proposal. You must be able to convince the review committee that you have the required knowledge and resources, or at least an idea of how you will acquire them, to complete the thesis on time. We guide you to present your proposal in an impressive manner by suggesting you questions and their answers.