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Using The Thesis As A Blueprint For Your Future Journal Article

When did you last use your thesis statement as a way to introduce the subject of your research somewhere else? If you have not done so till now, you should consider writing a journal article based on your research work. In fact, once you convert your thesis by using it as a blueprint for your prospective journal article and get it published, you would become known for your work.

Summarising all those ideas
Summarising all the ideas would be a difficult task unless you know what to do and how to do it. Try to express the main thrust of the thesis in your abstract and then, put the other ideas, including the secondary idea in the form of subheads. If you are not comfortable doing this or if you are wondering what you must do in order to put all those ideas and sentences in just a few sentences, you can take the help of a thesis writing company that will help you out with this task. The company will do a professional job of writing your journal article for you.

Not an impossible task
Contrary to what people think, it would be easily possible to do this task. List down the major subtopics of your thesis and then, change them creatively to suit your journal article. Look at the sentences and ponder on the number of sentences you would require to write these long sentences in short ones or how you can express the major ideas in a few sentences. However, you need to be even more careful while summarising a complex topic. If you are still not sure how to go about writing a journal article based on your thesis, you can always approach a thesis writing company for help with the same and one of the professionals will gladly help you out.

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